Recycled Paper Prefab Home Offers Shelter for Refugees and the Homeless

Prefabricated house made from recycled paper could hold the key to affordable, green housing

swisscell for recycled houseIt’s called the Universal World House, or the Wall AG, and although it may not look like much, this eco-friendly, earthquake-proof and easy-to-assemble home could be the answer for affordable shelter in impoverished and war-torn countries. It might also be a glimmer of hope for millions of people in need of shelter in America.

Created by Swiss designer Gerd Niemöller, the Universal World House comes with built-in plumbing, 8 single and double built-in beds, shelves, tables and an open veranda. The inside walls are designed with honeycomb air vacuums that act as insulation and support for the entire home structure.

The coolest part: the home is made from a material called Swisscell, which is composed of recycled paper and cardboard, and altogether it weighs less than 1,800 pounds (the equivalent to a VW Golf)! And any wiring uses fiberglass cable conduit which is stronger AND less expensive then other wiring options. Oh, and it’s also rain resistant.

An article in the UK Times Online says that more than 2000 homes have been ordered by a Nigerian company, and “development aid agencies are considering whether the houses could be used to accommodate those fleeing from the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe. South America, too, is interested.”

The goal of the Universal World House is to get itself manufactured in Germany, and then shipped to countries around the world that need it the most. The only problem may be its $5,000 price tag, which is cheaper than most homes, but still out of reach for many people.

I think that this is a great idea, but I hope to see it made more affordable in the future. What do you think?

Here Are 10 Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles into Something Fun!

Plastic bottles aren’t just an eye sore when you see them strewn on the streets. They are an ecological nightmare taking hundreds of years to break down. After all, plastic is really just oil in a different form. And plastic bottles are made by the millions daily!

So where so all of these bottles go?

Usually to the dump. Or worse, they’re dumped into the ocean where they float around forever, killing all sorts of fish and other sea creatures. Then washing up on some shore only to need to be picked up, thrown away and start a new life in the ocean.

It’s ridiculous!

So when I started watching what can be done to use these bottles rather than them just being thrown into the dump, I was really happy to see this video that shows, step by step what to do to transform this “garbage” into something useful using a little DIY elbow grease.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did and it sparks some creativity. Happy New Year!