5 Green DIY Lamps You Can Build Before Dark!

It was so popular we decided to surf the web and pick out examples of lamps you can build yourself from scratch – or at least from stuff that would otherwise be tossed out, like the iMac G4 lamp pictured below. It makes sense – almost anything can be turned into a lamp base or lamp shade, and every hardware or building supply store carries lamp wiring kits. Making your own one-of-a-kind lamp saves money and keeps stuff out of landfills and the lights on at home. You are limited only by your imagination. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.

diy lamps









Photo: Randall 180

Lamp from Wine Bottles

Drain the bottle, wire it up, and build a lamp. Gives you a reason to keep drinking. Here are a few variations on that theme











The website Remodelista has a DIY wine bottle lamp project inspired by Maison Martin Margiela’s home line. To make this reclaimed bottle lamp you’ll need a wine bottle. Think “vintage” – pun intended. Get a cork stopper lamp kit and put a lampshade on it. Fill the wine bottle with colored stones or shells or glass for extra ballast.

Bottle of Pixies Lamp














Is that a genie in your bottle or are you just glad to see me? Before you put away your wine glass, you might want to try this variation on the theme From Instructables – put a string of colored lights inside the bottle for a conversation piece. Add a dimmer switch or flasher for special effects.

DIY Upcycled Wine Bottle Gas Lamp

And Green Upgrader has a very cool wall mounted gas lamp you can make from a wine bottle – a beer bottle or whisky, cider, brandy… you get the picture.










Fill this with citronella oil and fend off mosquitoes this summer.

Simple Oil Lamp


You can also make a small oil lamp for practically nothing from some scrap cotton, a juice or iced tea bottle and a little olive oil. No electricity or batteries. Runs for 8-10 hours.








Just remove the metal cap from the glass bottle and poke a slit in it with a scissors. Cut a cotton strip about half an inch wide and five inches long and pull it through the cap. Leave half an inch sticking out of the cap. Fill the bottle with oil, replace the cap and light it.

There’s a DIY video here.


What can you repurpose as lighting? Remember, it’s better to build a reclaimed lamp than to curse the landfill!