You Can Decorate Your Home

interior design is easier than you thinkYes, you can decorate your home. All it takes is a little time and creativity. It only takes as much money as you want to spend. Paint doesn’t cost very much and you more than likely have everything else you need.

Sometimes just switching the furniture and accessories around and a good cleaning will do the job. So look at your home and think of what you can do to make it a brighter,more comfortable, cheerful place.

You Can Decorate Your Home

There is really no place like home and it doesn’t take a magic wand to turn your home into a castle, neither do you need a handyman or a suitcase full of money.

With a little time, creativity and a few basic skills you can do it. Your home can set the mood for depression and gloom or it can be a comforting and cheerful place. So why not make it positive and cheerful?

When you look at other up-beat rooms and your own, you will be able to see exactly why yours isn’t working. Learn to listen to your space and discern what it’s saying to you.

You may already have a good idea where to begin. Choose a room and see what you like and dislike about it. Jot it down on your list. What do you want to use the room for? Write that down too. Make notes of what you want to change.

Look at magazines and clip pictures that you like, that you think would work in your room. Keep collecting and editing as you go.

Do some pricing on line and see how much you will need for paint, shelving and fixtures. See what you have that you can make do with.

Measure your room and sketch out the shape on a sheet of paper. Mark the windows. Measure pieces of furniture and find a good location for them.

You may not need to do anything but put on a coat of fresh paint. Paint can do wonders to brighten up a room. Maybe you will decide to paint, put on fresh slip covers and hang different curtains.

Gather new fresh ideas and consider all your options.

To make your room look taller, paint the ceiling a cooler lighter color than the walls. To make a small room seem larger, paint it a light color. Paint a darker matte color to make the room seem cozy.

Floors should be neutral. A bare wood floor can be refinished, stained darker or bleached, or you can paint it. Or use carpet tiles that can easily be changed out.

Beware of contrast between rooms.

If you need furniture, thrift stores and garage sales are good sources. Don’t overload your room with too much furniture. Use one larger decoration for a center piece that you build the rest of the room around.

I used and old leather saddle. it’s rustic, natural with great earthy tones that could be used in any decor. And I like that I re-used something rather than it be thrown away. I just Googled “used Western saddles for sale” and found one a a great price. It really makes a great conversation piece.

If your room is small consider moving some pieces of furniture out. You may be able to switch some furnishings from one room to another. There really are no rules that you can’t have a love seat in a bedroom or yu must have a sofa in the living room.

Make the focus of your room a fireplace, TV, window or some other distinctive feature of the room and distribute furnishing around it. This brings the eye to one focal point and makes the room feel “tied in” rather than just a bunch  of stuff strewn about.

Now, aren’t you proud of your decorating ability?